Restaurant Review: Wild Mustang Grill & Bakery

Wild Mustang Grill

I tried the pies from Wild Mustang Grill & Bakery long before I tried their dinner menu.  The pies are delicious…especially the Sour Cream Lemon.  Yum!  Wild Mustang has a big banner proclaiming them the “Best of Utah Valley”, so we had to actually go in and try it for ourselves.  I guess they’ve been voted both Best American Restaurant in Utah County in 2013 (Daily Herald readers’ poll) and Best of State for a Southwestern Restaurant in 2014 (Best of State magazine).

Wild Mustang is right off the University Parkway exit of I-15 right across from Utah Valley University.  Unfortunately, you can’t access it from University Parkway and have to drive all the way around the corner and down through the adjacent hotel parking lot to get to it.  I guess they can’t help that, but it is still annoying.  The restaurant opened in December 2012 and is “endorsed by” country singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphey, who is also part-owner.  Its focus is barbecue and steak with other American foods, a little fresh Mex section (that seems to be run as a separate restaurant), and a nice selection of pies.

Wild Mustang Grill Nedra's Famous Rolls & Honey Butter
Nedra’s Famous Old Fashioned Rolls with Murphey’s Honey Butter – I’m always excited about complimentary rolls with honey butter.  However, the rolls were a bit boring…they seemed like ones I could buy from the grocery store.  The honey butter was good, but the rolls were not warm and the butter was cold, so it didn’t spread well.

Wild Mustang Grill Hillbilly Nachos
Hillbilly Nachos ($9.00) – Our server touted these as unique, and I have to say he was right.  Never seen anything like this concoction of thinly sliced grilled potatoes with a slew of toppings including grilled onions, pico de gallo, green onions, bacon, jalapenos, cheese, & “Wild Sauce” which seems to be their signature fry sauce.  It was really messy, but delicious like an overloaded potato.

Wild Mustang Grill Salad Bar
All You Can Eat Salad Bar ($10.00) – The salad bar is a fairly average small salad bar (both sides serve the same thing), so I think it’s a bit overpriced.  You can also add one trip to the salad bar on to an entree for $4.

Wild Mustang Grill El Paso Pulled Pork Sandwich
El Paso Pulled Pork Sandwich($9.00) – Our server suggested having the chopped pork instead of pulled on this sandwich, and it was delicious topped with barbecue sauce on a toasted onion roll.  Served with a choice of one side.

Wild Mustang Grill Fries
French Fries (Side Item or $2.99 a la carte) – I love battered fries and these puppies were just about perfect, except a little over-salted.  Still, I loved them and  I could use one right now.  Yum!

Wild Mustang Grill Chisolm Trail Brisket Platter
Chisholm Trail Brisket Platter ($15.00) – This brisket had good flavor, but was quite fatty, which is a problem I run into with a lot of brisket.  It’s served sliced over a piece of toast and topped with a barbecue sauce.  Served with 2 sides.  The coleslaw is really sweet thanks to the addition of pineapple.  It wasn’t my favorite.

Wild Mustang Grill Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries (Side item or $2.99 a la carte) These were just about perfect…crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.  A few were a little too salty, but most were just right.

Wild Mustang Grill Wild Mustang Burger
Wild Mustang Burger ($9.50) – Sorry for the blurry burger.  It was huge and topped with all the good stuff like bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato, cheddar AND swiss, and Wild sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.  Good classic burger.  Includes one side.

Wild Mustang Grill Kids Cheesy Quesadilla
Kids Cheesy Quesadilla ($3.99) – Little Diner is happy whenever he finds a quesadilla on the menu.  This one was HUGE…I didn’t know tortillas could be so big!  Pretty standard other than the size, but our guy loved it.  This is another one that I think is overpriced since it doesn’t come with any sides. 

Wild Mustang Grill Pies

I’ve only had the Sour Cream Lemon pie (three times!) and it is really good with a flaky crust, a sweet-tart lemon filling, and topped with a creamy layer (a slice is $3.89).  I’ve heard other pies are delicious, too, but have heard especially good things about the Coconut Cream and Banana Cream.  The bakers were trained by the well-praised Croshaw Gourmet Pies in St. George.  They have since tweaked the recipes to make them their own, but I haven’t noticed any changes in the Sour Cream Lemon pie.  It is just as delicious as ever.  Seasonal pies are coming for the holidays.  They do have a few other dessert items in case you’re not a pie person, but if you are, make sure you save room or at least take some pie to go!

The service was very good.  Our server was very friendly and had lots of ideas on how to stretch a dollar and menu recommendations.  We love that!  Overall, we found Wild Mustang to be kind of hit-and-miss.  Some items were good, others were average.  We thought it was a bit pricey for what it was and have had better barbecue and burgers for the same price or less at other places.  Favorites were the Hillbilly Nachos, both kinds of fries, and (of course) pie.  Since this visit, I’ve heard good things about the ribs, so if I went back, I’d probably try them.  As of now, though, there’s not enough to lure me back except the pie, which I can take to go!

Wild Mustang Grill & Bakery
860 West 1250 South
Orem, UT
(801) 226-9067

 Entree Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating: 3.1

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  1. That sour cream lemon pie sound amazing!! Thanks for an honest review.

    • Thanks for coming by Natalie. I always try to give my honest opinion. Wish I had a picture of the lemon pie…I guess it will have to wait till the next time I get a piece. There will be a next time. :-)

  2. This looks sooooo good!!! I can’t wait to take my kids there! Thanks for sharing about it.

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