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After many years of hearing great things about Jason’s Deli, especially their kids menu options, we finally took the family there for dinner.  If you haven’t been, Jason’s Deli is a fast-casual restaurant:  order at the counter, then they’ll bring it to your table.  They’ve primarily got soups, salads, and sandwiches with a handful of other options.

Jason's Deli

A couple of things I really loved about Jason’s Deli…  There are organic, vegetarian, and gluten-free options; no artificial dyes or colors and no high fructose corn syrup; and the nutritional information is easily available.  Also the staff is fabulous.  They are well-informed, friendly, and extremely helpful.  We seriously were asked four times by four different people if they could help us with anything…just random employees around the restaurant.  They also took their time explaining the menu to us since it was our first visit.  I wish every restaurant had employees that cared that much about their customers!

Jason's Deli Salad Bar
Salad Bar ($7.89) – Everything was very fresh and well-stocked (don’t you hate it when your favorite salad ingredient is empty?).  There weren’t a lot of “extras” beyond normal salad ingredients, but we loved the little muffins!

Jason's Deli California Club on Croissant
California Club ($7.09) – Turkey, bacon, Swiss, tomato, lettuce, guacamole, & mayonnaise on a toasted croissant with a side of chips.  Delicious with a generous amount of toppings….look at all that turkey & lettuce!  (Oh, and I have a love affair with croissants…why don’t more places serve their sandwiches on them?)

Jason's Deli Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup ($2.99 or $0.99 to add to the salad bar)Typical, but good.

Jason's Deli Beef Stew
Beef Stew ($2.99 or $0.99 as a salad bar add-on) – Hearty with a lot of flavor...tasted better than it looks.

Jason's Deli Seafood Gumbo
Spicy Seafood Gumbo ($3.99 or $0.99 to add to the salad bar) – Loved the rich flavor with a slight amount of spiciness, but the shrimp were sparse and overcooked. 

Jason's Deli Kids Pizza
Kids Pepperoni Pizza ($3.19 includes a drink) – Eh….nothing exciting here, but I guess it kept the kiddos happy.

Jason's Deli Soft Serve
Soft Serve Ice CreamFree self-serve ice cream is available at the end of your meal, but I found it a bit icy.

When it comes down to it, I thought the service was fabulous at Jason’s Deli, but the food didn’t quite cut it.  The kids meals were varied and well-priced, but I thought the adult menu was overpriced.  I loved that you could add a cup of soup on to the adult salad bar for only 99 cents, but I couldn’t get over that they charge full price ($2.99) to add a cup of soup on for a kid’s salad bar!  But hey, my kids were happy here and loved the free (though sub-par) ice cream.  Also – kids eat free on Saturdays from 4-9 pm, limit of one Jr. Meal per adult meal purchased (at least at this Orem location).  If you go, try a sandwich, but I think I’ll stick with Cafe Zupas.

Jason’s Deli
771 University Parkway
Orem, UT 84097
(801) 655-1150

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating: 3.8

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  1. good to know ive heard good things too but i think ive got tastes closer to you then alot of them

  2. I’ve been to Jason’s Deli once and I don’t remember it being a bad experience but it was nothing remarkable or memorable – so this is a good reminder not to go back.

  3. I really like Jason’s Deli! They’re berry salad is amazing! I used to go there when I lived in Provo.

  4. I love their broccoli cheese soup but every time I go there they get my sandwich wrong and it’s so frustrating. So now I just go to their salad bar which I like because it’s never wrong. And my kids love the ice cream and pudding but they never eat their meal and we’ve tried everything on the kids meal.they just eat chips a bite of their meal and ice cream. And as a mom I know that’s not healthy so I don’t go there with my kids anymore.

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