Restaurant Review: Gloria’s Little Italy

The best Italian restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of eating have all been on the East coast.  It was there that I really decided that to be a great Italian restaurant, you’ve got to make a really great meatball…and bonus points if it’s big enough to have its own plate!

Gloria's Little Italy

Gloria’s Little Italy has been in Provo for quite a few years and at their current location on the corner of University Avenue and Center Street for about 5 years.  There really is a woman named Gloria behind the restaurant, who came from Italy with her husband Mauro.  We’ve been a few times.   We’ve never been blown away, but we’ve never had a bad experience, either.  Word on the street is the prices went up and the quality of service went down when they changed locations, but we never ate at their other location, so I can’t say from experience.

Gloria's Little Italy Sign

We have always been seated fairly quickly, but have had to wait extra long for our server’s attention sometimes, so don’t be in a rush when you go to Gloria’s.  Take your time, and if you’re lucky, you may even be serenaded by accordionist Keith Lewis on Fridays or Saturdays.  I love that special touch that really adds to the atmosphere.

Gloria's Little Italy Bread

Complimentary Garlic Bread – Nothing special here, but they gave us a pretty healthy serving for only two people!

Gloria's Little Italy Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato Basil Soup – Delicious and slightly sweet, this tomato soup was super smooth.  I would have preferred some little pieces of basil at least as a garnish, but the flavor was spot on…and the serving was huge.  You get a choice of soup or salad with your entree…go with the soup!

Gloria's Little Italy Spaghetti with Ragu and Meatballs
Spaghetti with Ragu Sauce and Meatballs  ($14.50 plus $3.50 for meatballs) – Classic, right?  The sauce was good and the meatballs had a good flavor, but were a little dry.  The meatballs are extra, but I think they should be standard with this dish.

Gloria's Little Italy Gnocchi with Rosata Sauce
Gnocchi with Rosata Sauce ($17.50) – One of Gloria’s signature dishes and made by hand daily.   The gnocchi were very tender, and the rosata sauce (a smooth and creamy tomato sauce) was wonderful.  After several bites, though, I got a bit bored.  I wanted another texture or flavor in there…maybe a vegetable or chicken or even an herb sprinkled on top with the cheese…something. 

Gloria's Little Italy Gelato
You really shouldn’t leave Gloria’s without at least a gander over at the amazing selection of desserts.  I don’t think I’ll ever leave without at least getting something to go.  They’ve got a great assortment of gelatos (above) and tantalizing cakes, cannolis, and other desserts (below).  Seriously…after seeing these pictures you get it, right?

Gloria's Little Italy Desserts

Gloria's Little Italy Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio Gelato – One of Mr. Diner’s favorites.  It was just as gelato should be…sweet, creamy, and nice pistachio flavor.

Gloria's Little Italy Tartufo
Tartufo ($5.50) – If you know me, you know I have to branch out and try something different at this fit the bill!  This was like a giant cream-filled and sauce-topped cake ball.  It’s served warm and turns into a delicious melty mess similar to a lava cake.  It’s ginormous and could easily serve two.  Yum!

Gloria’s food is generally good, but doesn’t knock my socks off.  The portions are large, but I definitely recommend the addition of a meat or vegetable to pasta dishes.  I think at the prices they charge, they should be included.  Try the Tomato Basil Soup and make sure you get dessert!

Gloria’s Little Italy
1 E Center St #100
Provo, UT 84606
(801) 805-4913

Entrée Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating: 3.8

Mr. Diner:
Mrs. Diner:

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  1. I always wondered if this place was good or not! Thanks for the review. We will have to check it out.

  2. Oh we love this place SO much! You are totally making me want to go there… like.. tonight!

  3. This place looks awesome! Those desserts and gelatos look DELICIOUS! Can’t wait to try!

  4. I’ve seriously been wanting to try Gloria’s since we moved here last fall. Thanks for posting prices, because honestly we’d probably have to walk out with those. I may pop in for some gelato sometime though. Maybe after a movie with the hubs.

  5. I’m surprised by your review! My husband and I are HUGE fans of Gloria’s Little Italy. We have been going there since they first opened. Every time I go there I am amazed at how good the food is! I am crazy about their garlic bread. I love that it’s so simple but so tasty. My husband served his mission in Italy and says this is the most authentic Italian food he’s had in America. We love their sandwiches they serve at lunch and their quattro formaggi pasta sauce is out of this world! The servers are always so great too!

    • Thanks for sharing Becky! I am sure it is authentic and it is one of the better options for Italian in Utah County. I just haven’t been wowed by it. Glad you love it, though, and I know you are in good company! I’ll have to try the sandwiches & quattro formaggi sauce. Thanks for the recommendations!

  6. My opinion is close to yours! And I just can’t pay $15 for spaghetti. I can pay for those desserts though. And, unless it has changed since last August, the bakery case is all half off on Saturday evenings ( I don’t remember what time it starts, we discovered it by accident and then burnt ourselves out getting takeout desserts every Saturday night for the summer). :-)

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