Restaurant Review: Market Street Grill

I’m a sucker for seafood.  Why do I live in the desert where there are few seafood restaurants?  I keep holding out hope to find a place that serves excellent seafood, but keep being disappointed.  Unfortunately, Market Street Grill led me down that same path once again.

Market Street Grill Sign

Market Street Grill has a handful of locations in the Salt Lake area.  We went to the downtown location, which also has an oyster bar attached.  I am not an oyster-lover, so we didn’t go for that.  We had a reservation and ended up arriving quite a bit early, so we spent about 15-20 minutes in their (freezing cold) waiting area.   We were quoted 5 minutes or less.

We were seated and our server attended to us quickly.  He was very informed and had recommendations for us, which I always appreciate.  Even when we began placing our order, he gave us some ideas about how to save money on our meal.

Market Street Grill Sourdough BreadSourdough Bread– The complimentary bread was good, but I thought the portion was skimpy.  Granted, there were only 2 of us and we shouldn’t eat more than 1.5 slices each, but I like to at least be offered 2 slices per person.

Market Street Grill Shrimp CocktailGulf Coast Shrimp Cocktail, 3 pieces ($7.90) – This is a horrid value, especially since there is a much larger portion for $12.90, but I was eating it all myself.  The shrimp themselves were not overcooked (a problem with a lot of shrimp cocktail), but seemed slightly watery and not very flavorful.

Market Street Grill Shrimp ScampiShrimp Scampi ($7.90) – Mr. Diner would have happily ordered a whole plate of this.  It was sooooo deliciously prepared with just the right amount of garlic and butter.  Sadly, this is the only size they have….just three shrimp.  The garlic toast was perfect and we loved soaking up the sauce with it.

Market Street Grill Side SaladMixed Greens Salad (served with meal or $3.90 a la carte) – Nice greens and everything seemed fresh.

Market Street Grill Clam ChowderClam Chowder (served with meal or $4.90 a la carte) – I feel like you can generally judge a seafood place by their clam chowder.  This one was blah.  It was thin with a disappointing number of clams and potatoes.

Market Street Grill Filet Mignon with Snow CrabFilet Mignon with Snow Crab and Parsley Boiled Potatoes & Broccoli – The steak was a bit tough and not flavorful, but the crab was very sweet and tender.  Potatoes?  Who cares about parsley boiled potatoes…they are what they are.

Market Street Grill Steak & Lobster SpecialSteak & Lobster Special with Parsley Boiled Potatoes & Broccoli  Our server highly recommended the grilled lobster tails that this came with, but they were the worst lobster I’ve ever had:  overdone and bitter, which leads me to believe it wasn’t fresh.  My steak was excellent; very tender and flavorful.  Potatoes and broccoli were fine…nothing special.

Our server was excellent at Market Street Grill…very attentive and eager to help.  The food, however, was very hit-and-miss.  My steak was excellent, but Mr. Diner’s was overcooked and tough; my lobster was horrid, but Mr. Diner’s snow crab was very good.  Most everything else was just okay except for the shrimp scampi, which was delicious.  The prices are Market Street Grill are high, so everything should be top notch, but it’s not.  You might get something good here, but for me, I’m not willing to take the risk.

Market Street Grill
48 West Market Street (340 S)
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 322-466

Entree Price: $$$
Average Fork Rating: 2.8

Mr. Diner:
Mrs. Diner:

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  1. green thumbs says:

    What a disappointing, expensive dining experience.

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