Eat Out Restaurant Review: Andaman Kitchen

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Andaman Kitchen

Pad Thai. Massaman Curry.  Yum Beef.  I just want to eat the words, let alone gobble up the dishes!  There are a bunch of Thai restaurants all over Utah.  Quite a few offer a nice assortment of Thai dishes along with some Chinese favorites, which is nice for those who are new to Thai food or a little hesitant.  However, Andaman Kitchen is one that focuses more on the Thai specialties, which I really like.

Andaman Kitchen Interior

It’s a strip mall gem…don’t you love finding those little spots tucked away here and there in shopping centers?  Andaman’s interior is filled with dark tables and chairs and has quite a bit of space extending into the back.  On the cold winter day when we ate there, we found the interior to be a bit on the chilly side and kept our coats on.  We agreed that it was the perfect day for some Thai comfort foods, which is exactly what we ordered.

Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls ($5.95 for 4 pieces) – my kiddos love egg rolls!.  These were nice and crisp on the outside and filled with meat, vegetables, and soft cellophane noodles.  They were a bit spicy-peppery and were perfectly paired with a syrupy sweet-sour vinegar sauce.

 Mus Sa Mun Curry

Chicken Mus Sa Mun Curry ($9.95) – Love this Thai classic.  Filled with chicken, soft potatoes, carrots, & onions in a mild and sweet coconut curry sauce.  You can order it mild, medium, or spicy; we chose mild for Sweet Diner, but I’d definitely order it medium next time.  Mild had not even a hint of spiciness that I could detect.

Pad See-Eiw Noodles

Beef Pad See-Eew Noodles ($8.50) – Another comforting Thai classic with soft, thick flat rice noodles, fried egg, beef, and broccoli.  Those noodles just soak up the delicious brown sauce with hints of oyster & soy sauces.  Yum.

Sticky Rice with Mango

Sticky Rice and Mango ($5.95) – Deliciously paired warm moist and sticky coconut rice topped with thick coconut syrup with a fresh, sliced mango.

All the food was good.  The egg rolls were excellent.  The other dishes were not the very best Thai food we’ve had, but still very good.  Our server was very friendly and attentive, filling our water glasses frequently and boxing up our leftovers for us.  Tasty Thai hard candies were served at the end of the meal.  I’d definitely go back and would love to try more from Andaman Kitchen’s menu!

Andaman Kitchen offers lunch specials for $6.99.  You can also get discount certificates for Andaman Kitchen from

Andaman Kitchen
816 East 9400 South
Sandy, UT 84094
(801) 495-1929

Entree Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating: 4

Mrs. Diner:
Sweet Diner: 4
Guest Diner M:

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  1. Oh I love me some good sticky rice and mango! I haven’t tried much Thai food, it kind of intimidates me, but your dishes look yummy! Next time I’m in Sandy, I’ll have to give it a try.

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