Eat Out Review: Communal Restaurant

Communal SignLove at first bite.  That’s what Communal Restaurant was for us.  The hype, the awards…they deserve it because this place is among Provo’s top-notch restaurants.  And it has the beauty of being downtown, which is quickly becoming my favorite place to dine.

The focus of Communal (part of the Heirloom Restaurant Group) is to embrace a sense of community, both in their cooking, their service, and for their customers.  They strive to use as much locally grown and produced food as possible and make everything from scratch…and the high quality and freshness of ingredients shines through in every delicious thing that is served.  The servers are friendly and encourage questions.  Go ahead and ask what an ingredient is or where an ingredient came from; they are knowledgeable.  There are many small tables where a couple or small group can dine, but they also have an amazing, huge farmhouse table ready to serve a large group or family.

The food is served family style, so they will bring the food on serving dishes and you will plate your portion onto your own dinner plate.  You don’t have to share, but the sharing is so much fun!  The entrees and sides are ordered a la carte so you can get exactly what you want.  If you are not sure how much to order, your server can advise you on how many servings and sides for your group.  For our party of two, he recommended an appetizer (“small share”), one to one-and-a-half entree servings (“large protein”), two to three sides, and hopefully a dessert.  Many of the entrees are available in half  or full servings, so we chose two meats in half-servings for more variety.

Communal Fresh Mint `        Fresh Mint ($4) – Mexican Sprite with lime and fresh mint.  We both fell in love with this drink that was delightfully refreshing and fresh with a little bite to it.

Parker House Rolls with Salt

Parker House Rolls – These complimentary rolls are amazingly light and extra delicious with the addition of coarse salt on top.  Their only fault?  Not enough rolls to satisfy our craving!

English Pea TartEnglish Pea Tart ($10) – Our server recommended this appetizer and we are so glad!  It was both our favorites!  It features an airy puff pastry topped with pea puree, mushrooms, arugula, cheese, and more.  It was light with hints of both sweet and savory.  The arugula added a nice peppery kick.  This could serve four as an appetizer, but we were happy there were only two of us because we loved it so much!

Communal Grilled Asparagus with Clifford Egg & Pickled Shallot

Grilled Asparagus with Clifford Egg & Pickled Shallot ($5) – Tender asparagus.  I loved that it was topped with egg, one of my favorite asparagus accompaniments, and pickled shallot.

Russet Potato Gratin with Bleu Cheese

Russet Potato Gratin with Bleu Cheese ($6) – Deliciously creamy with a strong bleu cheese presence. 

Jones Beef Skirt Steak

Jones Beef Skirt Steak (Half – $13) – This steak was melt-in-your-mouth tender and full of flavor.  It was topped with sweet roasted red pepper chutney, green onions, and fried garlic chips.  The red peppers really added to the flavor of the steak.

Roasted Mary's Farm Chicken

Roasted Mary’s Farm Chicken (Half, $15) – The chicken was perfectly roasted, tender, and juicy, however this was my only disappointment.  I would have preferred some additional flavor to interest me.

Communal is a great place for a date night or gathering with friends.  We absolutely loved it and think it truly is one of Provo’s finest restaurants, while still being a place you are comfortable wearing jeans.  Compared to most restaurants, their portion sizes are on the small size, but for us, it was plenty of food and we couldn’t even finish what we had.  It is also pricey, but when you consider their use of local farms and high quality ingredients and the resulting delicious plates presented, it’s well worth it!

102 N. University Ave
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 373-8000

Entrée Price:  $$$
Average Fork Rating:  5

Mr. Diner: 
Mrs. Diner:  5
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  1. Ok, sounds divine. I was checking out the menu and I think Saturday brunch is something we’re definitely going to have to try!

  2. oh my gosh I love that place! we’re driving down to play a concert tonight and our biggest decision is communal or black sheep to much yum!

  3. All of these dishes look so good! I think I need to make a date night there soon!

  4. It might be good that Communal is an hour drive for us or I might spend all of my money eating there. I love it too. Amazing food. Plus we have made friends with people we sat next to at the communal table. I wish I could cook like they do. My review includes snooping to see what they had in the kitchen – their cookbook collection. I got a bit scared off though when I realized how intensive the recipes are. So I guess I’ll just have to make the trek!

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    • Oh, Janet! I can totally relate. It takes a lot of restraint not to go there all the time now since it’s only 5 minutes away from my house. But I exercise no restraint recommending it to everyone! I really want to try breakfast there, too! That’s awesome that you got a behind-the-scenes peek!

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