Eat Out Review: Mountain West Burrito

Mountain West Burrito Exterior

Utah County has it’s share of fresh, Tex-Mex fast casual Mexican restaurants.  Talk to almost anyone and they have their favorite eatery and their favorite food.  Mountain West Burrito was once just a loved-by-locals spot in an odd location (attached to a smoke shop in an old gas station convenience store).

Now it’s grown to a small chain with three locations (another in Provo by BYU and a new, larger (and nicer) location in Lehi near Thanksgiving Point.  They are now also a part of the beloved Heirloom Restaurant Group, which focuses on using fresh, local ingredients to create fantastic dishes from scratch.

We love the Heirloom Restaurant Group and think they have the right idea, however, we find Mountain West Burrito a bit on the bland side.  The ingredients are fresh and the food is prepared well.  We just find it lacking in flavor as-is.  For our tastes, it needs a bit of doctoring with additional condiments.  We do love their idea of having several entrees that you then choose the filling for (steak, beef, roasted vegetable, etc.), then the extras (sour cream, hot sauce, etc.).  You can even choose to have your meal “half-and-half” with two choices of fillings.  I’m definitely a fan of that since I love to try a bit of everything.  There are even two sizes of most items.  The Regular size is plenty for most people.

Mountain West Burrito Interior

We have only been to the original location.  It screams “hole-in-the-wall” from the outside and the inside is still unassuming.  It is the type of place where you can order and pick up at the counter (or they may bring it to you if it’s not too busy).  Take out is available and is a popular choice since the dining area is small.

Mountain West Burrito Chips & Salsa

Chips & Salsa ($3) – Although fresh, this may be my least favorite salsa in Utah Valley.  In fact, I don’t think it should be called salsa at all…it’s more of a pico with a lot of tomatoes and not much else.  The tomatoes were not very flavorful, either.  I really hope they change their salsa recipe.  It was okay as a condiment on an entree, but as an accompaniment for chips, I found it lacking.

Mountain West Burrito Regular Beef Burrito

Regular Burrito with Grilled Steak ($7) –  Filled with tender steak, brown rice, cheese, and pinto beans with pico and green chile on the side and served with chips.  The green chile was spicy, but added a nice complimentary flavor to the beef.

aMountain West Vegetable Chimichanga

Regular Chimichanga with Half Carnitas & Half Roasted Vegetables ($8) – Loaded with brown rice, cheese, pinto beans, an assortment of roasted vegetables (including onions, peppers, & zucchini) and moist, tender pork.  It is topped with pico.  I found it quite bland and thought it really needed some green chile, guacamole, and maybe a little sour cream to liven it up.  It’s definitely worth adding some of these to the side to enhance the flavor. 

Overall, we applaud the fresh approach Mountain West Burrito is taking, using local ingredients.  They have plenty of fans, but we find them a bit expensive for what they are…especially when (for our tastes), we end up doctoring their food anyway.

Mountain West Burrito
1796 N 950 W
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 805-1870

Entree Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  3

Mr. Diner: 
Mrs. Diner:  3

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  1. They definitely look like a whole in the wall.. :) but those are usually some of the best mexican restaurants. I love that they use fresh foods. Gonna have to try them out.

  2. My sister has given rave reviews of Mountain West Burrito – so I’m surprised you were so unimpressed by it. For me, the chips and salsa can make or break a place and you are right, by the photo that “salsa” looks kind of sad.

    • Tia, I know…I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews, too. The beef burrito was definitely the better option, but we were both surprised by how bland the food was for us. And I was shocked when the gave me my salsa…I thought, “Wait…this is the same thing that you called ‘pico’ on our food…doesn’t seem like salsa to me.”

  3. We have passed by that place and wondered if it was good. I love that they have fresh ingredients, but I hate salsa that is too tomatoey, not sure if we’ll try this one out

  4. I completely agree. I love their other restaurants but this one is boring. I know some people just love it but not me. Disappointed every time. Tortilla Bar is my newest favorite.
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  5. Ooooh… we love a good Mexican place! It looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the review.

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