Eat Out Review: Little Taste of Britain

Little Taste of Britain

Mr. Diner and I both love, love, love a good plate of fish & chips.  The only problem is that we’re constantly stumped at where to get good fish & chips in our area.  Although it’s still quite the trek for us to get there, we found a great fish & chips shop here in Utah!

Little Taste of  Britain Interior

We were up in Layton and discovered we were just a few minutes from Little Taste of Britain, which I heard great buzz about so we had to stop in and check it out for ourselves.  It’s a little unassuming shop (one of two – the other is in Roy).  Inside is a sweet little selection of British foods including lots of tantalizing chocolate, a counter, and a small dining area with Union Jack-covered tables.

Little Taste of Britain Candy

Of course we were there for the fish & chips, but they do have other traditional English foods.  (Pasties, Beans on Toast, or Mushy Peas, anyone?)  Also, the desserts are tempting; I so wanted a Battered Mars Bar now.  In fact, much of the menu is fried foods.

Little Taste of Britain Fish Little Taste of Britain Fish Bites

Fish Bites & Chips ($7.99) – These “bites” are actually good sized pieces of cod (the regular fish & chips include a filet).  Everything was fresh out of the fryer, perfectly crisp on the outside and tender and flaky on the inside.  The fries had a good potato flavor, but were just okay.

Little Taste of Britain Brit Platter
Little Taste of Britain Battered Sausage Little Taste of Britain Pineapple Fritter

Brit Platter ($9.99) – Includes Fish Bites, Battered Sausage, Chips, Onion Rings, & a Pineapple Fritter.  The Battered Sausage was surprisingly good…make sure you ask for a side of Brown Sauce to dip it in!  The onion rings were average and I was disappointed by the Pineapple Fritter.  Not sure, but it seemed like a canned pineapple ring.

Nick & Mandy are the owners of Little Taste of Britain.  The day we were there Nick was there and was a friendly host, going out of his way to make sure we were informed and happy customers.  He told us that they hand cut all their potatoes and onions every day and strive to prepare everything cooked to order and “just like they do in Britain.”  He walked us through the little market area and told us about Brown Sauce (a unique vinegar-based condiment…maybe like a combination of steak sauce, ketchup, & Worcestershire, maybe?).  Nick even offered us free treats on our way out the door.  And guess what?  He said they’re working on opening a location in Murray…cross your fingers ‘cause we thought they were the best fish & chips we’ve had in Utah and have great service!

So, go for the fish & chips (and I’m definitely going to try some other things next time); go for the friendly faces & service.  We found our Utah fish & chips shop!

Little Taste of Britain
1095 N Main
Layton, UT 84041
(801) 543-5707

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  4.5
Mr. Diner:
Mrs. Diner:  4

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  1. LOL I had to come over and read this. Not a bad take on Fish and Chips – the best here would have a slightly fluffier batter. The chips are thick cut just like we have here indeed. They should be very crisp on the outside and fluffier inside. Traditionally they would have been fried in dripping, duck or goose fat, which is where the flavour would come from. But you don’t get them that way here either except in very expensive restaurants!

  2. Bob Edwards says:

    I love this place. Around here it’s hard to find fish & chips anymore, let alone good fish & chips. And though I’m just your average run of the meal schmuck that’s never been to England, I think these are great fish & chips.
    Thanks Little Taste of Britain,

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