Eat Out Review: Sushi Groove

Sushi Groove Exterior

Almost every time I eat sushi, I become a bigger fan.  I guess I’m lucky I’ve eaten at some good sushi places.  Sushi Groove was the setting of my latest sushi experience.

It’s a funky, eclectic, little hole-in-the-wall, and I’m so glad I was introduced to it! hosted a DishMob last week where we were invited to sample Sushi Groove’s food.  It was a delight! 

Sushi Groove Interior

The first thing you notice when you walk into Sushi Groove is the graffiti-style, colorful painting of a musical octopus on the wall.  Yep; funky.  They’ve got a decent number of tables plus a sushi counter where you can watch them make your food then gobble it right up.  There’s also a fun chalkboard menu with all the specials.  The atmosphere is just fun…and even includes live music at night!

Of course, more important is the quality of the food, right?  Especially with sushi.  I literally loved everything I tried at Sushi Groove.  The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t know the name of everything I fell in love with since I didn’t order it.  The food was amazing and the prices on the menus were great.  Here’s your visual smorgasbord:

Sushi Groove Edamame 2

Edamame ($3.50) – These were perfectly cooked & seasoned!

Sushi Groove Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp ($6.95 for 5) – I think these were the best coconut shrimp I’ve ever had.  Large, tender, & SOOO good!  Served with two sauces: eel sauce & spicy mayo.  I loved both.

Sushi Groove Gyoza

Gyoza ($4.50 for 5)Lightly crisp & soft on the inside.

Sushi Groove Pokki Salad

Pokki Salad ($5.95) – Diced tuna marinated in sesame oil with a seaweed salad.  I love sesame oil, so I thought this was fantastic and really fresh. 

Sushi Groove Groovy Ceviche

Groovy Ceviche ($6.95) – Assorted fish with mango, avocado, & strawberry lightly cooked with citrus juice and served with seasoned crispy wonton chips.  This one was a little sweet & the chips were slightly salty and spicy, complimenting each other.

Sushi Groove California Roll

California Roll, right ($4.95) – Simple deliciousness

Sushi Groove Tempura-Style Roll

Tempura Style Roll ($8.95) – I can’t remember which roll this is, but it was oh-so-delicious with all that crispy batter on the outside.  It was huge, but amazing. 

Sushi Groove Rolls

Groovy Rolls – I think the one in the front is the Coco Loco ($12.50) with a coconut shrimp inside plus avocado and topped with mango, spicy tuna, albacore, & a little roasted Serrano.  Delicious with a great freshness about it.

Sushi Groove Dessert Platter2

Dessert Platter – Including Berry Blast in the front ($7.95), Peanut Butter Dream (not pictured), various Mochi, Tempura Oreos, & Coco-Tempura Nutter Butters.  My favorites were the Berry Blast (really fresh and lightly sweet with a little cheesecake filling) and the Nutter Butters (perfect blend of peanut butter, chocolate, & coconut).

The food at Sushi Groove is amazing.  The food was fresh and included a great variety of sushi and other dishes.  Did you see that dessert?  Wow…I’d even come here just for that!  I just wish this place were closer to my house ‘cause I’m ready for a return visit! 

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Sushi Groove
2910 Highland Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Entrée Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating:
Mrs. Diner:  5

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A complimentary lunch was provided by Sushi Groove &, but all opinions are our own honest review.

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  1. Everything looks fantastic! But that edamame and seafood salad are calling my name!

  2. Oh, I am sooo jealous! That looks delicious!

  3. those rolls look so good. i’m impressed you eat raw fish NOT in a roll! i’ll have to work up to that.

  4. I kind of dream about those coconut shrimp. SO good!

    It was so good to meet you!

  5. Oh, it all looks so good! I’d love to pop some of that sushi in my mouth right now. The sauces for the coconut shrimp sound intriguing…different from the ones usually offered. And the desserts!! I’ve never run into anything like that in a sushi restaurant.

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