Kitchen Tip: Pounding & Flattening Chicken

When I shared the Lime & Coconut Chicken recipe last week, I promised to share my secret weapon for pounding chicken breasts.  Here it is:

Pounding Chicken with a Coke Bottle

Yep.  It’s a glass Coke bottle (and that’s my Amazing Diner’s hand pitching in there – doesn’t he make a good hand model?).  My grandma said this was the best thing for flattening a chicken breast & I’m with her!  It’s got a fairly good weight to it, a flat bottom, & a perfect shape for your hand to grip it.  Just find a good old-fashioned, heavy bottle and designate it as your kitchen meat mallet.

I like to butterfly the chicken breast for most dishes and then put it between wax paper and then pound away.  Here’s the beautiful end result:

Flattening Chicken with a Coke Bottle

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  1. Great tip!! I will most likely use it! Thanks!

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