Our Family’s Favorites from 2012: Recipes, Restaurants, & More!

I loved sharing our most popular posts from 2012 with you on New Year’s Eve, but I’m even more excited to share our family’s favorites from this past year.  Have you tried any of these recipes or restaurants yet?

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Kids’ Favorite Restaurants (kids’ scores only)

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  1. what are your top 5- or maybe 10 ;)- favorite utah restaurants? I’m always scouting for new places to eat around the state.

    • Kamaile – Some of our family’s favorites: La Jolla Groves (Provo), LongHorn Steakhouse (Midvale), 5 Star BBQ (Orem), Shoga Sushi (Orem), & Milagros (Orem). I also like Spark (Provo) and have a bunch that I know I’ll love once I try them. :-) We’re always adding more & we’ve got to get out of Utah Valley more! What are your favorites?

  2. After reading this we ate at 5 Star BBQ for dinner last night…and…maybe we got super unlucky? They were out of creamed corn, homemade chips, and fries (and who knows how many other things, that is just how many choices we made before finding something they had). The kids’ meals don’t come with bread any more (or at least the 2 we ordered did not have any) and both the boys were still hungry afterwards. Bryce got the 2 meat plate and the sausage was super dry to the point of almost not being edible and the chicken portion was so small (about 1/2 cup) that he also was starving afterwards. My pork sandwich was ok, but also very dry so I just added lots of sauce. Maybe they are better for lunch than for Friday night dinner? Just wondered if you had been there recently and if you thought there had been changes?!

    • Sorry your experience wasn’t so good! We usually go for dinner on Friday or Saturday, so it should be similar. The last time we went was in October I think, so not THAT long ago, but we still had a good experience. They frequently sell out of sweet potato fries & a meat or two, but we haven’t had that many things sold out at once. Never had the sausage yet.

      The kids meals have always come with half a slice of bread unless you order the sandwich. They have always been very precise when I’ve ordered, weighing the meat as they plate it, but 1/2 cup sounds like a kids portion! Our oldest is usually hungry after a kids meal there, but we usually can’t finish ours, so we give him our extras.

      Hope you just hit it on an off night ’cause we love this place & it would be sad if this is now the norm.

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