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Wallabys Smokehouse

Wallabys Smokehouse in Lindon touts its food as “southern barbecue from so far south we had to call it Wallabys.”  While eating at Wallabys recently, Bob McFadden (the owner) told us a little about the history of the restaurant.  He is the fourth owner.  The original owner traveled to Australia to research recipes for the place.  The food that they serve is Australian-like pit barbecue adapted for our tastes.  Some of the recipes are from the original owner, but the delicious rolls are Bob’s wife’s recipe.

Wallabys is a casual counter-service place where you order at the counter and they deliver your food to your table.  The menu is on chalkboards and there are some great rotating specials.  They were running a 2 meal special for $18 including one meat & two sides for each person and a dessert to share.  The Wallabys Facebook page is pretty good at keeping updated on their latest specials.

We took advantage of their Family Combo, which is a good deal at $32.50.  It includes 2 meats, 2 quarts of sides, & six rolls with delicious cinnamon butter, all served family style.  It says it serves four to six adults.  Our family of 5 (three of which are kids) easily ate up the rolls and most of the meat, so I would plan on this serving four adults.  There are also meals, combo platters, kids meals, salads, sandwiches, & even burritos available at reasonable prices.

Wallabys Rolls & Cinnamon Butter

Everyone loved the soft, fluffy rolls with cinnamon butter.  If we hadn’t been extra vigilant, our kids would have seriously had a physical fight over the last roll.  I don’t know how much extras are, but next time we’ll probably order a couple more.

Wallabys Pulled Pork & Sweet Chipotle BBQ Chicken

Our meat selections were Hand-Pulled Pork and Sweet Chipotle BBQ Chicken.  Both were delicious.  The pork had a generous amount of sauce evenly distributed through the meat.  The chicken was tender and had a delicate sweet flavor, but we loved it even more because it was wonderful to choose the kind and amount of sauce we wanted on it.

Wallabys Barbecue Sauces

Speaking of sauce, they make their own and each table has these fabulous three flavors of house barbecue sauce:  Original, Zesty, & Raspberry.  The Raspberry was my favorite…I liked the extra sweet, fruity flavor.  Bottles of sauce are available for purchase, too. 

Wallabys Smashers

One of our side choices was the Smashers which seem to be a combination of red & russet mashed potatoes loaded with shredded cheese.  They are creamy and delicious.

Wallabys Baked Beans

We also got the Baked Beans.  They feature at least two kinds of beans and lots of flavor.

Wallabys Pomegranate Limeade

My kids also loved the Pomegranate Limeade drink that is their own recipe and one of the fountain drink options. 

Have room for dessert?  We didn’t, but we couldn’t resist taking some to go.

Wallabys Cinnamon Roll

Their Fresh-Baked Cinnamon Roll ($4.00) is huge.  Like the size of a lunch plate.  It’s made with their roll dough, so it’s fluffy and soft.  I prefer my cinnamon rolls gooey with lots of filling.  This one is good, but not on the gooey side.  Mr. Diner prefers it less gooey, so this was fantastic in his book.  It’s all about your preferences, people.

Wallabys Caramel Crisp Bread Budding

And, once again, I couldn’t resist the bread pudding.  This one’s a Caramel Crisp Bread Pudding ($4.00) and once again has those wonderful rolls as its base.  If you’re familiar with bread pudding, this one is slightly different because it isn’t as moist.  It’s not dry, either, but reminded me more of a moist coffee cake.  A nice caramelly crust and crumb bits sit at the top and it’s served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that is rolled in delicious sweet crumbs.  I prefer a more traditionally moist bread pudding, but the flavor of this one was good.

We liked Wallaby’s.  The food was good, but not particularly different from your average barbecue joint.  However, the service was excellent.  The place is family-run, and they care about their customers.  The owner spent time chatting with many tables around the room and making sure people were happy.  If it’s your first time at Wallaby’s let, them know & they’ll give you a card for $5 off your next visit within a certain time period…like a bounceback coupon.  Their menu is 95% gluten-free and if you have problem with gluten, let them know and they’ll take extra care to prepare your meal; they have personal experience with celiac disease.  Catering options are also available.  Also, if you love magic, Mike Engberg performs magic there every Monday night from 6-8 pm.

Wallabys Smokehouse
131 S State St
Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 785-4447

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  4.1
Mr. Diner:
Mrs. Diner:  3.5
Amazing Diner:  5
Sweet Diner:  4
Little Diner:  4

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