Eat Out Review: Five Star BBQ Company

5 Star BBQ SignFor at least a year I have been commenting to Mr. Diner every time we drive past this little BBQ spot on Geneva Road,  “Oh!  I want to try that place!” or “We’ve got to go there sometime.  I’ve heard great things about it.”  But it took our fabulous friends Cynthia & Paul to introduce us to the local barbecue joint Five Star BBQ Company.  Since then, we’ve been back and taken our kids…and we all love it!

5 Star BBQ Counter Five Star is a little counter service place that is located out of the mainstream restaurant areas of Utah County in a white & black old house along the more industrial Geneva Road.  Inside you’ll find red & white checked plastic tablecloths with a roll of paper towels and a pail of condiments at each table…nope, this place isn’t fancy.  Just step up to the counter and place your order, which is prepared right in front of you while you wait.  Then pay and find a place to sit.

5 STar BBQ 2 Meat Combo The menu is pretty simple, but with plenty of options.  Choose a meat (or two…or the sampler) that you like and have it served up on a plate or as a sandwich with a side or two and a slice of garlic toast or cornbread.  All the meats have a really great smoky flavor, but for the most part are left without sauces so you can add all the sauce you want at your table.

5 Star Sauces2 Five Star’s Original BBQ Sauce is available at every table, but there’s also a mini fridge with so many more sauce options…Kinda Hot, Hot, Dark Chili, Mustard, Sweet, Ketchup, Fry Sauce, Ranch, JT’s Alabama (a creamy mild horseradish-herb sauce), & more.  We’ve sampled most of them and they’re good.

5 Star BBQ Rib Combo I love the meats at Five Star (the smoked chicken & smoked pork are my favorite so far), but what I crave long after I’ve left are the sides…especially my favorite Cream Corn!!!  I know it’s not good for me, but I’ve just got to have it!  They have a lot of side options including Smoked Beans (also really good), fries, coleslaw, Brunswick Stew, herb mashed potatoes, and many more.

5 Star BBQ Sandwich Cream Corn Cold Slaw2  Once in awhile, you’ll find a special like this fantastic sandwich that was loaded with meat mixes with their special BBQ sauce and served with one side for about $5 (I added an extra side).  It was a large, tasty sandwich.  I added the coleslaw to it for an extra sweet crunchiness…superb.  Oh, and the buns are soft, fluffy, and fabulous, too.

5 Star BBQ Ribs

The ribs are St. Louis-style ribs which they rub with their own seasonings and smoke.  Often when you order the ribs, you have to wait a few minutes until they’re just right to be served.  The flavor is really great, but we prefer Baby Back Ribs.  These tend to be a bit chewy, but with a fair amount of meat.

5 Star Pork Kids Meal Kids meals are a bargain at $3.55 for a meat, sandwich, or 2 ribs plus a side, half slice of garlic toast, and a drink (or choose a plate of 2 sides without any meat).  The child’s portion isn’t large, so older (or really hungry) children might want to sneak off your plate when they’re done…if you let them!

Five Star is a fantastic casual barbecue place that we think is good for the whole family.  We’ll definitely be stopping by again and think you should, too…especially for the price!  Next time you want a fast food meal, pay just a few bucks more for a fantastic BBQ sandwich from Five Star.  Then come back and thank me.  They offer catering and take-out services, too.

Entree Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  4.6
Mr. Diner:
Mrs. Diner:  4
Amazing Diner:  5
Sweet Diner:  5
Little Diner:  4

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  1. Mmmm…that looks delish! We’ll have to try that place :)

  2. I love this place so much! Love the smoked beans and creamed corn as well.

  3. Oh the goodness of creame corn.

  4. Yes. I love the place!!! Makes me hungry just thinking about it. The sauces!! Mmmmmm

  5. I love out of the way places… even the occasional barbeque.

  6. Sounds and looks delicious! Gotta try it sometime!

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