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Nigiri & Sashimi are the only foods I can think of that Mr. Diner has actually taken the first adventurous step before I have.  I have always loved rolled sushi, but was a little wimpy when thinking of the raw stuff.  A few years ago, Mr. Diner told me he tried either Nigiri or Sashimi (can’t remember which) during lunch with co-workers.  My mouth dropped open.  I couldn’t believe it.  And…he liked it!!!  I was really excited and sought for an opportunity to go out for sushi with him.  Since then, we’ve had sushi together lots of times.  He doesn’t go for the rolls very often, preferring thinly sliced, fresh fish in its rare form. 

Sozo Sushi Sign

My parents have raved about Sozo Sushi for awhile now.  It’s become their go-to sushi spot in my Bay Area hometown of Pleasanton, California (♥).  We were excited to give it a try while we were out there visiting.  Sozo Sushi is a little spot tucked away in a grocery store strip mall.  The interior is clean and the service is friendly. 

Sozo Sushi Interio 
Since we had a larger group, we ordered an array of tasty foods to try.  The adults and Amazing Diner stuck with the sushi menu, plus some tempura, miso soup, & edamame, while Sweet & Little Diner both ordered kids meals, served in bento boxes.  And being their privileged mommy, I sampled bites of theirs, too…just to provide an adequate review, of course.  😉 
 Sozo Sushi Tempura4

  Tempura Appetizer ($5.99) – The vegetables and shrimp were very tasty, although the batter was a little too crunchy for my taste.

Sozo Sushi Vera Cruz & Forrest Gump Rolls2

Top to Bottom: 
Vera Cruz Roll ($12.99) –  Features shrimp tempura & unagi (freshwater eel), topped with creamy & spicy scallops with crushed macadamia nuts.  The nuts definitely added a unique feature to this roll & it was definitely spicy, too, but so large that it was a bit hard to eat.

Forrest Gump Roll ($11.99) – Features shrimp tempura and topped with cooked shrimp, green & red tobiko (flying fish roe), and Sozo’s spicy cream sauce.  The roll was my second favorite with a dominant shrimp flavor and slight sweetness.

Sozo Sushi Marilyn MonrollMarilyn Monroll ($9.99) – Features shrimp tempura, crab, & avocado topped with scallops in a creamy sauce.  One of my Dad’s favorites. 

Sozo Sushi Raiders Roll Raiders Roll ($8.99) – Features crab & avocado topped with salmon & thinly sliced fresh lemon.  This was Amazing Diner’s selection and my favorite roll of the night…very fresh with the lemon slices and a really nice salmon flavor.

Sozo Sushi White Tuna SnapperMr. Diner says he ordered Snapper ($3.99) & White Tuna ($4.99) Nigiri, but I think they gave him Snapper & Salmon instead, don’t you?  Either way, it seemed quite fresh and very flavorful. 

Sozo Sushi Kids Beef Teriyaki2 Sozo Sushi Kids Chicken Teriyaki2
The Kids Meals were Beef Teriyaki & Chicken Teriyaki ($7.99 each), both served with Rice, Gyoza, & Salad (with that wonderful sweet ginger dressing frequently found at Japanese restaurants…I’m a fan).  The beef was extremely tender and the chicken had a great charbroiled flavor, both coated with a tasty teriyaki sauce.

I can see why my parents like to frequent Sozo Sushi.  The food is great with fresh ingredients.  I’d definitely go back…and I’d order the Raiders Roll for sure (even though I’m a 49ers fan). 

Sozo Sushi also offers take out, including online ordering!

Sozo Sushi
2835 Hopyard Rd.
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Entree Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating:  4.2
Mr. Diner:  4
Mrs. Diner:  4
Amazing Diner:  5
Sweet Diner:  5
Little Diner:  3

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  1. Yum! If you guys make it back out here to Vegas before we leave, we’ll have to take you to Osaka, our favorite Japanese place. The last time we went, we ordered some salmon sashimi that was sort of marinated in lemon and topped with thinly sliced jalapenos. SO GOOD! Now I want some.

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