UPDATED Eat Out Review: Great Steak Sandwich Co. / Steak & Everything Grill

Great Steak Steak & Everything Sandwich

I have driven by this little place hundreds of times and never stopped there.  Last week Mr. Diner and I finally stopped by to give it a try (without the little diners).  The Great Steak Sandwich Co. (aka The Steak & Everything Grill) is a little hole-in-the-wall place on Provo’s Center Street just west of I-15 that’s known for it’s billboard, which frequently features reads “Welcome Home Elder….” or “Happy Birthday……”.

Great Steak Onion Rings

It’s a really casual place where you walk in, say hello, and seat yourself.  The server was friendly and recommended some of the most popular sandwiches – the Steak & Everything sandwich and the Turkey Bacon Avocado Melt.  Their menu features grilled sandwiches and burgers with ice cream floats, shakes, & sundaes.  We split a Steak & Everything combo, which was the special of the day for $6.49.  It included a Steak & Everything sandwich (thin-sliced steak with provolone, mushrooms, onions, peppers, & tomatoes) and really fresh, hot fries.  We added a side of onion rings and two drinks.  Splitting a combo is a great way to go, as we had plenty of food.  After ordering, I discovered the dessert menu, though, and wished I had room for some of their delicious-sounding ice cream creations (Butter Beer Float with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch syrup, & cream soda, anyone?).


The sandwich was good with all the flavors melted together, but I think I would have liked more cheese.  Mr. Diner thought it was really good as it was; then again, he’s not a huge cheese fan.  The fries and onion rings were both good and served with bottles of ketchup & fry sauce.  I would go back, but mostly to try the drinks.  And guess what?  They operate a drive-through window for those of us who want to get something quickly on the way home.  Love that!

Great Steak & Philly Sandwich Great Steak & Cheese Sandwich

Steak & Philly

Steak & Cheese

Great Steak French Dip

French Dip

Update 8/20/2012:  We took the whole family to The Great Steak for dinner.  They do have a kids menu item with the choice of a hamburger, chicken nuggets, or grilled cheese with fries & a small drink for $3.49, but my kids wanted the steak sandwiches (who can blame them?).  Mr. Diner, Amazing, & Little Diner ordered a French Dip ($6.49), which the two little ones split, which is easy to do with the sandwiches already sliced in two.  The French Dips had a generous amount of steak and a fabulous au jus sauce.  Sweet Diner ordered the Steak & Cheese ($6.49), which had lots of steak, but not as much provolone cheese as she would have liked.  I tried out the Steak & Philly ($5.49), which is basically like a Steak & Everything sandwich, but with cream cheese instead of provolone.  I thought it had too much cream cheese & really recommend sticking with the provolone.  The battered onion rings once again were fantastic.

Entree Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  3.8
Mr. Diner: 4
Mrs. Diner:  3
Amazing Diner:  5
Sweet Diner:  4
Little Diner:

Ratings updated 8/20/2012.

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  1. The onion rings look really yummy.

  2. Yum I def. want to go here! It looks delicious

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