Eat Out Boise Review: Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar & Grill

Ling & Louie's

I generally make it a point not to go to restaurants that are a strange combination of ethnic foods.  For example, on a road trip, I spied a restaurant along the side of the road that claimed to be a Mexican-Chinese restaurant.  Huh?  Nope, didn’t stop there to find out more…just kept driving.  I also don’t like ethnic restaurants that serve generic American dishes alongside their cultural cuisine.  There’s just too much going on…stick to one thing and do it well.

But rules are meant to be broken, right?  And that’s just what we did on our recent trip to Boise, although not intentionally.  We left our hotel to drive to dinner at a nearby restaurant.  On the way, we spotted Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar & Grill.  Mr. Diner, knowing my love for Asian foods said, “I’m surprised you didn’t want to go there.”  I replied that I didn’t think he was in the mood for Asian that night.  He responded by turning the car into the parking lot and we went into Ling & Louie’s.

We fully expected a completely Asian restaurant…maybe a little Asian Fusion.  We didn’t know that Ling & Louie’s serves up both Asian entrees and comfort food favorites.  Yep, meatloaf served up at the same table as Kung Pao Chicken.  I thought it was an odd concept, but I’m sure there are a lot of families who appreciate being able to go to one restaurant and be able to satisfy multiple family member’s tastes.  The “comfort favorites,” also called “Louie’s Favorites” on the menu, actually feature a smaller selection of items than the Asian menu.  Louie’s Favorites include sliders, meatloaf, ribs, etc., but they still have Asian flavors to them with ingredients like soy sauce, hoisin, & wasabi in their sauces and marinades.

We were welcomed by a friendly hostess and seated immediately.  Our server had several recommendations and also encouraged us to customized our dishes (i.e., adding additional or specific vegetables, mixing sauces to make it more or less spicy).  I was quite impressed by her and grateful that we got such a good server on our first visit.  Entrees are served with your choice of jasmine or brown rice.  You can also upgrade to fried rice for $1.95 extra, which Mr. Diner did.

Ling & Louie's Evil Jungle Princess Beef

Mr. Diner knew he was getting something with beef the moment the server said, “All the beef in our beef dishes is filet mignon.”  Yep, he was impressed.  He ordered the Evil Jungle Princess Beef ($13.95); according to their menu, this is the dish that made them “famous.”  It had ultra-tender marinated pieces of filet mignon with crisp green beans, mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts, and other vegetables served with a peanut-red curry sauce.  The meat lived up to our expectations, being tender and juicy with great flavors that complimented the beef.  Vegetables that should have been tender were tender, and those that should have been soft were soft.  The Evil Jungle Princess sauce is spicy, but good.  Great dish!

Ling & Louie's Firecracker Chicken

I ordered the Firecracker Chicken with Broccoli ($10.95), but added some honey sauce from the Honey Walnut Chicken to tone down the spiciness at the suggestion of our server.  The chicken was battered & fried, but the batter was crisp and dry with still-moist chicken lurking inside.  I loved it!  The broccoli was tender and accompanied by green onions and the spicy red chili sauce (tempered, in my case).  I loved that it was accompanied by a slice of lime.  I think limes are my favorite citrus fruit!

Ling & Louie's Fun Chop Chopsticks

Our kids were excited by the kids bento boxes and each picked out their own four choices to go in each section of their plate.  Basically one section holds a green vegetable, one a starch, one a fruit or carrots, & the last holds the entrée.  Kids Bento Boxes are $5.95 for kids under 12, but on Sundays kids eat free.  Ling & Louie’s also gives out fun & fabulous chopstick helpers for kids (and others) who need them.  They’re easy to use and kids love using chopsticks the frustration!

Ling & Louie's Kids Bento

Our kids stuck with chicken or beef teriyaki with broccoli, butter noodles, & fruit or applesauce on the side.  They especially loved their teriyaki.  I snuck a bite, and it was saucy and tender, too!

We enjoyed our experience at Ling & Louie’s and would go back.  There are a lot of bad reviews of this place, but that wasn’t our experience at all

In addition to their Kids Eat Free on Sundays special, they also have lunch specials for $7.95 from 11-4 pm daily, and a senior special (those 60 years & older can get buy 1 get 1 50% off M-Th, 3-5 pm).  A gluten-free menu is available, as well as take-out and catering menus. 

Entrée Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating:  3.8
Mr. Diner:  4
Mrs. Diner:  4
Amazing Diner:  4 
Sweet Diner:

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