Eat Out Review: Yogurtland…Plus a Discount & Giveaway!


The summer is heating up and it is definitely the season for frozen treats.  I love stopping in for some kind of cold sweet something after an activity with my kids or with the whole family on a summer’s evening.  That’s what summer’s for, right?

Yogurtland is one of those awesome places where you get to serve up a frozen yogurt creation of your own making!  You get some little sample cups, try out all the flavors (and in my case, I literally mean all the flavors) to your heart’s content, then fill up your bowl with any and all of your favorite frozen yogurts and toppings.  Pay is by the ounce.

Yogurtland machine

I got to go to the Orem location yesterday for a Utah Blogger’s Meet-up and tried so many flavors.  They have a couple new flavors Blue Lychee Bliss (a tart flavor with lychee & blueberry) & Almond Midnight Mocha (double dark chocolate, almond, & mocha).  I gave the Blue Lychee bliss a try, and it was indeed tart.  I always think the “tart” flavors taste more like regular yogurt, with  the sweet flavors tasting more like ice cream.  Just my opinion (like everything on this blog, right?)  I usually go more for the sweet flavors.

Yogurtland Cup

On this visit my favorite yogurt flavors were Oatmeal Cookies, Pistachio and Pecans & Pralines (swirled together), and Toasted Coconut.  There weren’t any I didn’t like, though.

Yogurtland Candy Toppings Yogurtland Fruit

The toppings are incredible with candy, fruit, nuts, syrups, and unique little things like sweet mochi bits (chewy, sweet little rice cakes) and boba balls (see the pink-colored balls on my yogurt?  They were fruity bursts of joy).  My favorites were the fruit and little cheesecake bites.

(By the way, it is hard to describe mochi & boba…if you haven’t had them, just try them sometime…maybe at Yogurtland so you can try just a couple & see if you like them.  They’re not as strange as they sound.)

Yogurtland Water with Strawberries Yogurtland Orem

I also loved that they had plenty of seating and a self-serve water stand with pretty strawberries floating in it.  Ice cream and frozen yogurt always make me thirsty.

You must go try Yogurtland this summer!  And to help you out, Yogurtland (Orem, Utah location only) is offering a special discount & giveaway!

yogurtland summer giveaway

To enter the giveaway, go to the Yogurtland Orem Facebook page today through June 30th, like their page, and enter to win a summer’s worth of free yogurt ($100 gift card) for use at the Orem location only.


While you’re waiting to win your free summer’s worth of yogurt, print the Utah Bloggers exclusive coupon above & take it to the Orem Yogurtland to get a free kid’s yogurt with purchase of another yogurt.  Valid 11 am – 4 pm.  Expires July 14, 2012.  Great for that outing with your kids or a playdate outing with your best mommy friend.

Price: $
Average Fork Rating: 4
Mrs. Diner: 4

A complimentary yogurt was provided for this post, but all views expressed in this post are our own honest opinions.

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  1. I would sample all the flavors too! It’s the only way to figure out which one you want to load up on :)

    They have some interesting flavors. I’m intrigued by the Blue Lychee Bliss, and I definitely need to have the Oatmeal Cookies.

    I’ve never heard of this place, but it looks like there is one about 45 minutes from me. It’s not too close, but it is in an area we drive to a lot, so I’ll have to convince my husband to drop in :)

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