Eat Out Review: Wheeler’s Drive-In

We were down in Sanpete County for Memorial Day and got hungry.  There aren’t a lot of choices, but we were planning to stop at the Dairy Freez in Mt. Pleasant for a burger & shakes.  When we got there, we discovered there was a 30 minute wait and we had hungry kids, so we headed to the next stop along the road:  Wheeler’s Drive-In.

Wheeler’s has burger joint fare:  burgers, hot dogs, fries, shakes, etc.  We placed our order at the counter and then it was delivered to our table.  Service was friendly and took a reasonable amount of time.

Wheeler's Drive In Burger

I got a 1/4 lb. cheeseburger.  It was pretty average with a Thousand Island-type sauce and sesame seed bun.  Unfortunately, it was just lukewarm and not very flavorful; the meat seemed like a frozen patty you’d buy premade at the store and cook over the grill.  Also, the cheese was not melted.  Maybe there are some people who like their cheese unmelted on their burger, but I wanted it melted.

Wheeler's Drive In Foot Long

Mr. Diner & Amazing Diner got the foot-long hot dog, which was split and warmed on the grill.  The dogs were very average; nothing special.

Sweet Diner & Little Diner both got corn dogs, which were scorching hot and crispy on the outside, but the breading was soggy on the inside.  After a couple bites, neither kid wanted to finish their corndog.

Wheeler's Drive In Fries
Wheeler's Drive In Onion Ring

We ordered french fries and onion rings on the side.  Both were served with a couple small containers of fry sauce.  The french fries were pretty average.  The onion rings were battered and sliced thickly, which I love.  However, there were many that were still clumped together when they were fried, and those were difficult to eat and fell apart when you bit into them.

Wheeler’s was a bit disappointing and we wished we had waited the 30 minutes for the Dairy Freez instead.

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  2.2
Mr. Diner:  2
Mrs. Diner:  2
Amazing Diner:  3
Sweet Diner:  2
Little Diner:  2

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