Eat Out Review: Christopher’s Steak House & Grill

Christopher's Sign

Mr. Diner loves steak; I love seafood.  So when we’re going out for a nice dinner date, a steak house often fills the bill of serving both our favorites.  We decided to go to an extra-nice (read:  expensive) steak house for our anniversary and saw a Groupon for Christopher’s Steak House, so we snatched it up to save on our splurge.  Love Groupon, don’t you?

Christopher's2 christoper's Curved Booths

We made reservations through OpenTable (I only wish more Utah Valley restaurants used this awesome & convenient system) and arrived at the Draper location.  It is actually in a strip mall, which I found odd for a higher priced restaurant.  The interior featured many tables white linen table cloths, some curved booths, and separate rooms for large parties.  However, the dining room we ate in felt a little odd.  There were several groups seated in the room, but it was so quiet (no ambiance music) that I felt I needed to whisper or everyone in the room would hear our conversation. 

Christopher's Lobster Corn Dogs

Our server told us about the specials and favorites on the menu.  We started with their unique Lobster Corn Dogs ($14).  I really couldn’t imagine a lobster corn dog (can you?), but I have a love for lobster, so we gave it a shot.  They basically skewer a piece of lobster meat, batter it, & fry it.  Two small lobster corn dogs are served with a side of spicy apricot mustard sauce.  They were crispy and nicely prepared with not too much batter, and the apricot mustard was excellent.  However, the delicate flavor of the lobster is virtually lost.

Christopher's Rolls and Balsamic Butter

Delicious hot rolls with an amazing balsamic butter were delivered to our table.  We loved the unique sweetness of the butter on the rolls.  I wished I could take the butter home with me and decided I must try to make my own version at home.

Mr. Diner and I both ordered one of the specials, a filet mignon topped with a lobster tail and served over garlic parmesan mashed potatoes with asparagus spears on the side (around $40).  They were served with a choice of salad.  Mr. Diner chose the house green salad, while I had the wedge salad. 

Christopher's Green Salad Christopher's Wedge Salad

The house salad was pretty standard with dark greens, carrots, cucumber, & croutons.  The wedge salad was excellent and had bleu cheese, bacon, red onion, & tomato.  I’m not a huge iceberg lettuce fan, but in a wedge salad, it’s perfect!

Christopher's Filet with Lobster

We were really excited for the entrées since we enjoyed the dishes leading up to it.  The entrées were beautifully arranged.  The lobster was good, as were the mashed potatoes and asparagus.  However, the star of the show, the filet mignon, was a major disappointment.  Both were ordered cooked medium, but Mr. Diner’s was delivered well-done and mine was medium-well.  They were both on the tougher side, which is sad since you expect a filet to be really tender.

Overall, felt like we could have gone to Outback and spent less money and had a steak that was just as good, if not better. 

Entrée Price:  $$$$
Average Fork Rating:  3
Mr. Diner:  3
Mrs. Diner:  3

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  1. Lobster Corn Dogs — what a fun idea! I’ve never heard of anything like it. That’s a bummer about the steak though. I’m so picky, I probably would have sent it back! Who knows, sometimes you can get a free meal out of it like we did at Texas Roadhouse!

  2. Katherines Corner says:

    Lobster corn dogs! What? giggle. Sorry about the steak. Hugs!

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