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Shoga has an intimate atmosphere with black and red decorations, dim lighting, and candlelight…great for romantic dates and quiet conversation, a fact we did not know until we walked in with our family of five.  However, they were quite accommodating and our children were (thankfully) quite calm and well-mannered.  The two older ones are generally pretty good at restaurants, but Little Diner’s behavior frequently leaves much to be desires (granted, he is 2, so what can you expect?). 

Shoga Interior

Though they have a nice, quiet atmosphere, there are also TV screens in several locations, which is nice for single diners, but doesn’t quite go along with the rest of the theme.  Although, I didn’t really notice the sound even though we were seated right next to one of the screens.

Shoga has a pretty good sushi list plus noodles, rice bowls, & some common entrees such as teriyaki and tempura.  We were in the mood for sushi plus some other dishes and wished they had a bento box dinner, but only the lunch menu featured a bento box.  Instead, we ordered a California Roll (per Sweet Diner’s request), Yellow Fin & Salmon Sushi, & Tempura appetizer to share.  Mr. Diner & I both had Miso Soup and split a beef teriyaki dinner ($12.25) while Amazing & Sweet Diners both ordered the kid’s Beef Teriyaki and Little Diner had the Chicken Teriyaki.  Shoga doesn’t offer a printed child menu, but the servers will let you know what is offered.

Shoga Miso Soup Shoga Tempura

The soup came out quickly and was a good, standard Miso Soup served very hot.  The sushi was very good; everything seemed quite fresh.  This was Amazing & Sweet’s first experience with sushi other than rolls.  Amazing loved it, while Sweet Diner preferred the rolls.  The tempura featured shrimp, calamari, & vegetables (sweet potato, onion, eggplant, & zucchini).  I love tempura, but was a bit disappointed by the overly crunchy (and on some pieces, sharp) batter on these.

Shoga Cal Roll Shoga Sushi

The kids entrees were huge!  I was very impressed by the serving sizes that could have easily satisfied me.  The teriyaki kids entrees are served with rice and fries, which I found odd.  Okay, I can understand trying to satisfy the picky eaters, but can we at least have the option?  I don’t really want to serve my little diners fries at a Japanese restaurant.  If I had wanted to get them fries, I would have gone to McDonald’s!  Let’s get some sautéed or tempura vegetables on those plates!  All the little diners loved their food, though!

Shoga Kids Chicken Teriyaki

The beef tempura entrée featured a tender thin-sliced steak served with rice and sautéed vegetables (thank you!).  The flavor was excellent and not overpowering, and we devoured every bite!

Shoga Beef Teriyaki

We all came away quite satisfied with Shoga.  Mr. Diner and I would love to go back for a date night and would probably stick to the sushi with a shared entrée.  This is definitely some of the better Japanese food in Utah County.

Entrée Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating:  4
Mr. Diner:  5
Mrs. Diner:  4
Amazing Diner:  5
Sweet Diner:  3
Little Diner:  3

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  1. Made me hungry just to look at it! I’d love to eat here sometime.

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