Eat Out Review: The Roll Up

A frequent dilemma:  where to go for a Girls’ Night Out?  We love to go out for dessert and have our favorites, but this time we chose something new – The Roll Up.  Haven’t heard of it?  It’s a crepe restaurant along the south end of State Street in Orem.  It’s just a little place that’s easy to pass by, but as they say, “look for the giant owl.”

Yes, a giant owl.  And that’s just the start of the owls.  There are little owls inside, too and a sculpted tree in the center of the dining area.  The place is quite quaint and has an intimate feel to it, though there are probably about a dozen small tables.

This is another casual place where you order at the counter and wait for your name to be called when your order’s up.  They have crepes of all kinds:  sweet, savory, breakfast, & custom.  They also have kids menu items at the reasonable price of $3 and soups for $3-4.

The Roll Up Banana Foster Crepe

I ordered the Banana Foster crepe ($5) with brown sugar, butter, bananas, & a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream.  It was a delicious, warm & caramely banana creation.  Other friends tried the Apple Pie, Chocolate Lovers, Strawberries & Cream, & Turkey Pesto Cranberry, but I think the Banana Foster topped them all.  The Chocolate Lovers was a little over-chocolatey.  They have a daily special and on this day is was Peach Cobbler, a tempting choice.

The crepes weren’t always carefully presented.  We had three or four Banana Foster crepes at our table and they all looked quite different, but I suppose that didn’t affect the taste.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed that a couple items I had read about and wanted to try weren’t on the menu:  the Thai Chicken Curry and the Lasagna crepes.  I want to go back and try more, but these two options would just make my mouth water.

The Roll Up is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & late night snacks (8 am-1 am M-Sat with shorter hours on Sunday (10 am – 6 pm).

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  4.25

Mrs. Diner:  4
Guest Diner A:  5
Guest Diner K:  5
Guest Diner N:  3

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