Eat Out Review: Rocky Mountain Wingshak

RM Wingshak

I can’t remember where I heard about this little place, but it’s been on my list of restaurants to try for awhile.  We finally made it there late Friday afternoon.  It’s location is an easy one to overlook in a strip mall in American Fork right next to Cold Stone.  But this place has things going for it and if you’re in the mood for wings, you definitely shouldn’t overlook Rocky Mountain Wingshak.

As soon as we walked in, we could tell that the owner cared about the food and the customers.  There was only one table of diners, but you could tell they were regulars.  We were greeted warmly and stepped up to the counter to browse the menu.  It’s a short menu, but a short, focused menu can allow a place to do a few things really well.  Rocky Mountain Wingshak features buffalo wings, boneless wings (like chicken strips), sandwiches, salads, and sides.  They have nine hot sauces and four sweet sauces in addition to “naked” wings (no sauce).  All their sauces are made from scratch.  They have a short kids menu (grilled cheese, corndog, or boneless wings), too.

We opted to go family style and ordered 10 medium buffalo wings, a large order of teriyaki boneless wings (about 8 pieces), a side of fries, and a 2-liter soda to split.  The owner suggested the 2-liter with some cups as a way to save money over purchasing separate drinks.  Nice way to help out his customer!  There are ranch, bleu cheese, and honey mustard sauces available and celery on request (you bet I requested it…gotta have celery with my wings!).  All this for about $21…around the same as ordering fast food combo meals for all of us!

RM Wingshak Wings

We waited 10 minutes or so for our fresh wings.  The medium buffalo wings were really good:  crisp on the outside without the thick breading some places put on there.  I thought they got the medium spiciness perfect.  The teriyaki boneless wings were basically chicken strips.  They were seasoned well, but were nothing compared to the buffalo wings.

While we were there, we watched the owner take phone orders and saw customers come and go, picking up their orders.  The Wingshak definitely seems to have quite a few regular customers and if what we saw was representative, they have a lot of takeout orders.  Mr. Diner and I loved their wings and would definitely love to order from them the next time we’re in the mood for wings.  Next time, we’d forego the boneless wings and give the Garlic Pepper sauce (their #1 seller) a try.

For frequent diners, they offer a punch card (with 10 visits, you get a free item up to $10). For those who’d like to bake up their own wings at home, you can pick up a “take and bake pack” with pre-fried wings, sauce, and instructions.  Sounds great for a party!  And for those who are impervious to heat, you can take the Wingshak Challenge:  pay $9.99 for a dozen boneless wings coated in XXX sauce, finish them in 30 minutes without drinks or dipping sauce, and get a T-shirt, your picture on their Wall of Fame, and a $10 gift card.  Sounds like torture to me, but there are some pictures up on that wall.  Maybe the next one will be yours!

Fortunately for wing-lovers in Provo, they will be opening a new location right next to Nicolitalia Pizzeria on University Parkway in the next thirty days.

Through August 9th, get a Groupon for a meal for two for the Wingshak for only $13.

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  3.2
Mr. Diner:  4
Mrs. Diner:  4
Amazing Diner:  3
Sweet Diner:  2
Little Diner:  3

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