Eat Out Review: Milagros

I’ve been wanting to eat at Milagros ever since they opened their doors and I heard that these were the owners of one of my old favorites – Rosa’s.  They are also the creators of Bajio.  Mr. Diner and I finally made it there last weekend and the inviting smell when we got out of the car made me happy to be there.

When we first walked in, I was interested to see a sink inviting you to wash up…never seen that before, but you are supposed to wash your hands before you eat.  Also, there is a take-out window in the entry area, but I didn’t notice an actual greeter station.  The hostess was hanging out by the take-out window.  Interesting.  Good to know they do take-out orders, though.  We were seated immediately, which is always nice in the Provo-Orem area on a weekend.

The dining area has large windows that let in a lot of natural light, which is really nice.  They have beautiful colored glass pendant lights hanging from the two-story ceiling and a lot of live plants on high shelves.  The odd thing that stood out in the dining area was a “Cup O Pizza” picture.  Interesting in a Mexican restaurant.  The chairs were a little noisy on the concrete floor and echoed in the high-ceiling room, but overall, I found the dining room pleasant.

Milagros Chips and Salsa

Our server took our drink orders and brought them in lovely clear glass with green rims.  She also brought out the chips and salsa (one of my favorite parts of eating out at a Mexican restaurant).  At Milagros, they serve two salsas:  a traditional red and a green tomatillo salsa which uses roasted tomatillos and honey.  We liked both, but found the green a little overly sweet.  Still good,though.  The only disappointment was that the skimpy serving and we had to actually ask for more.  C’mon, be generous with the chips and salsa!

The menu has both Mexican classics and some more unique items – baby back ribs?  Never seen that on a Mexican menu.  But this is a place that touts its slow-marinated meats…and that’s what I remember loving from Rosa’s.  They also had vegetable enchiladas and a low carb chicken wrap (with lettuce leaves for the wrapper).  Everything was appealing to me on the menu, so I asked the advice of my server, who recommended the Chicken Mango Salad, the Mata Hambre (pork, steak, chicken, grilled vegetables, rice, beans, and tortillas), and the Chicken Sweet Green Chili Quesadilla (isn’t it supposed to be chile?).

Mr. Diner, being the traditional man that he is, ordered the Beef Burrito ($9) with green sauce (our server said it was spicier) with refried beans and spanish rice.  I ordered the Chicken Sweet Green Chili Quesadilla ($11) with the borracho beans (pinto beans simmered with bacon, onions, & tomatoes) and sweet green chili rice.  By the way, there are seven choices of sides – yep, seven!  They all sounded good.  In addition to what we ordered, there are sauteed vegetables (nice option for a Mexican place), grilled sweet onion ball, and black beans.

The food arrived in the perfect amount of time…not in a hurried fashion, but not long enough to have us looking at our watches.  Both dishes were garnished with nice, dark green lettuce (not the cheap shredded iceberg lettuce at so many places) and diced tomatoes.

Milagros Chicken Quesadilla

The quesadilla had large pieces of chicken in sweet chili sauce.  It was quite sweet, but the accompanying sour cream and guacamole toned down the sweetness and made for a very satisfying flavor.  It was quite large and I could barely eat half of it.  The borracho beans were good, but with the bacon I expected them to have a smokier flavor.  Green chili rice was good.

Mr. Diner’s burrito had spanish rice, pinto beans, and large pieces of marinated steak.  The steak was very tasty,marinated in fruit juices…it makes my my water just remembering the bite he shared with me.  The spanish rice and refried beans were good, but typical.

Milagros Beef Burrito

As a previous fan of Rosa’s I was satisfied.  Many foods are a little on the sweet side here, but Milagros lived up to my expectations and we will be back for more!

Entrée Price:  $$
Average Fork Rating:  4.3
Mr. Diner:  4
Mrs. Diner:  4.5

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  1. This looks really good! My family loves Mexican food too! I stopped by to thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I followed via GFC!

  2. Yummy, looks sooo good!

    I’m a new follower from VB, would love for you to follow me at :)

  3. This looks yummy. Thanks for dropping by and taking the trouble to comment. I really aprreciate it – especially when someone disagrees with me. It’s what makes life and people so interesting. :)

  4. Sis, you failed to mention that the borracho beans are also simmered in beer, like the ones at Bajio’s. (After all, “borracho” means “drunk.”) Food looks and sounds yummy, though!!!

  5. Thanks for the review, I took my wife, she loved her salad- I ordered the ribs (they were featured in the Deseret News as Coach Broncos’ fav) You can tell they are working hard, the service was great and the portions were huge. Not many locally owned and operated restaurants out there. The owners 12-year-old was playing guitar on Friday, he was a blast. Restaurants like this add true character and charm to a community- Hope they make it

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