Eat Out Review: Costa Vida

Mr. Diner and I went out for a quick lunch to Costa Vida.  I love all these quick casual Mexican restaurants with their delicious meats, rice, & beans assembled into delicious creations.  I’m generally partial to the salads while Mr. Diner often goes for a burrito.


This time, I chose the Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Salad with black beans and their creamy tomatillo ranch dressing.  The grilled chicken was flavorful, and paired with the raspberry chipotle, it was a smoky-sweet-spicy piece of paradise.  Loved it on the salad, but I’d happily eat those little strips of chicken on their own, too.

Mr. Diner took a step away from the norm and ordered the Sweet Pork Enchiladas with flour tortillas and a medium green sauce.  You know that sweet pork is good when he chooses that over beef!


At place like Costa Vida, you usually expect the service to basically end when you leave the counter, but we were politely asked twice whether there was anything the employees could do to help us while we were eating.  It was really nice to have them check up on us.

Have to say that my favorite fast casual Mexican place is Café Rio, but when I want chicken, I’ll be going to Costa Vida.

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  5
Mr. Diner: 
Mrs. Diner:  5

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