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Tucanos Skewer

While family was in town recently, we took them to Tucanos Brazilian Grill in the Provo Riverwoods.  They had never eaten at a churrasco restaurant, so we were excited for them to try this dining experience.  If you haven’t been to this type of restaurant before, let me fill you in…they have wonderful meats (and pineapple) that have been grilled over open flames on huge skewers.  The meat servers bring the meats around the dining room.  If you want some, they slice it off for you right at your table.

We arrived at Tucanos on a weekday evening around dinner time, thinking they wouldn’t be busy.  But we were wrong!  They acted surprised that we didn’t have reservations, but found a place for us within just a few minutes.  The dining room was very crowded and noisy…so much so that it was sometimes hard to hear conversation at our own table. 

Our server was fairly quick in arriving and taking our orders…most everyone does the “Famous Churrasco”, which includes unlimited trips to their large salad bar and unlimited grilled meat off their skewers.  Drinks, specialty items (like shrimp skewers), and dessert are extra.  The unlimited meal costs about $22 for dinner and $14 for lunch with kids 6 & under free and kids 7-12 $8 for dinner and $6 for lunch.  You can also choose just the salad bar or the salad bar with a limited number of meat selections. 

Tucanos Salad Bar

We were in for the full “Famous Churrasco” and made our first trips to the salad bar.  They’ve got a lot of choices including green salad, pasta salads, fruit, soups, beans, rice, breads, and fried bananas (love those tasty melt-in-your mouth cinnamon-sugar bites of banana!).  The salad bar is definitely a meal by itself and there are some great choices there.  The lobster bisque was very good, as was the pesto pasta salad.

Tucanos Meat

Right now Tucanos is featuring their bacon-wrapped filet mignon among their selections (they typically offer 12-15 different choices each night).  Usually that is among the items you pay extra for.  We sampled just about everything that came around.  Some of our favorites that night:  teriyaki beef, pork loin, barbecued chicken, & bacon-wrapped filet mignon.  The grilled pineapple is always a sweet treat, too!  The meats had an excellent flavor and most were cooked well.  A few were a little bit overdone, but not many.  Actually, my mouth is watering just thinking about the delicious meat selections!

Tucanos Pineapple

Our meat servers (Cody & James) were very friendly and helpful, asking if there were any selections we had missed or any favorites we wanted to be brought out again.  We had several employees besides our servers stop by to make sure everything way okay and see if we needed anything.  That was nice.

When it was time for the check, though, it seemed to take a long time to take care of everything since they have a survey to fill out first, so don’t be in a hurry when it’s time to leave because it took forever.

Tucanos is definitely a place to go when you have a big appetite!  Whew!  You will leave full!  And that is one reason why, even though we like it, we don’t go frequently…it’s a lot of food!  If you’re interested in going, try signing up for their birthday club to get a free meal during your birthday month.  (See other birthday deals here.)  Also, call ahead to make reservation to avoid the wait! 

Entrée Price:  $$$
Average Fork Rating:  4
Mr. Diner:  4
Mrs. Diner:  4
Amazing Diner:  4
Sweet Diner:  5
Little Diner:  3

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