Eat Out Review: Coneys Custard

Coneys Frozen Custard

These days are just right for frozen treats!  After a sweaty morning at the park, we needed food & refreshment so we stopped by Coneys Custard in Orem.  It was about 1:30 pm (a late lunch) so I was surprised there were so many people there…and there was a line of about ten people at one point while we were eating.  The dining area has counter-height tables with chairs and table-height booths around the edges and is decorated in fun orange and royal blue.

We stepped up to the counter to place our order.  In addition to frozen custard, they have gourmet hot dogs and burgers.  You order at the counter, then a server brings it to your table.  We ordered everything at once, but requested to have our frozen custard after we ate our food.

It was just my two youngest diners who were with me this time and the both ordered the Kid’s Corn Dog ($1.50 each), which was served up hot and fresh.  I was intrigued by the gourmet dogs and ordered the Sonoran Dog, a 100% beef Nathan’s Famous dog topped with all sorts of things:  caramelized onions, bacon, pinto beans, melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, cilantro cream sauce, & cilantro.  That’s a lot of toppings!  It was fantastic, but huge!  For the first two bites, I actually tried to pick it up to eat it, but didn’t succeed in getting both a bite of the hot dog and the toppings together in one bite.  (I did succeed in making a mess of my hands and face, however.)  So I surrendered and ate it with a fork and knife.  The combination of everything on there was a good one and I would recommend it to anyone who finds all those toppings appealing.  We all shared an order of fries, which were cut thickly and fried up just right – nice and crisp on the outside with a soft potato center.  Their fry sauce is thick and sticks nicely to the fries.

Coneys Sonoran Dog2

We really enjoyed our food and then requested our Strawberry Cyclone to share.  It is large and after eating our hot dogs, we just barely made a dent in our frozen custard.  It was delicious, though!  The custard was really smooth and creamy.  The strawberry topping was similar to a canned strawberry ice cream topping, with little pieces of strawberries in it.  I would have preferred fresh strawberries, but at least it wasn’t artificial strawberry flavoring!

Coneys Strawberry Cyclone

Custard is like ice cream, but with eggs added in, which gives it a richer flavor.  Coneys has a freezing barrel that rapidly freezes the custard, resulting in smaller ice crystals and less air making a smoother, creamier ice cream.  Coneys typically has vanilla and chocolate custard, along with a flavor-of-the-day (that day it was Mango…go here for their flavor schedule).  Over two dozen toppings are also available and can also be mixed in like there were in our Cyclone.

We enjoyed both our food and frozen custard and would love to go back!  I may have to try their burgers next time; they were named one of the 75 Best Burgers in Utah by Salt Lake Magazine in 2010 under the Classic Burgers category.  Speaking of awards, Coneys also recently earned the 2011 Best of State award in the Specialty Foods category.  If you really love Coneys, you can sign up for the Coneys Club to receive special offers.  They also have a location in American Fork.

Entrée Price:  $
Average Fork Rating:  4
Mrs. Diner:  4
Sweet Diner:  4
Little Diner:  4

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